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Should a newbie bookseller list on Amazon utilizing its FBA gratification service, or should they market merchant-fulfilled so they can detail on other platforms such as eBay and Abebooks?

That was a inquiry basically from a vendor on the Amazon conversation boards, as well as what followed was a remarkable and also candid discussion regarding the obstacles of being an online bookseller – consisting of the threats of purchasing used publications in bulk.

Vendors described the risks of purchasing from Buddies of the Library companies (FOL) that require bulk-buyers to take whole lots without enabling them to cherry-pick.

Sellers advised that FOLs are frequently trying to unload books that have actually currently been selected over by well-informed vendors ( consisting of “volunteers” that are likewise on the internet vendors) and also said doing away with the unsellable books might in fact set you back sellers money – even reusing facilities might turn booksellers away.

Some sellers went so far regarding recommend FOL groups and also philanthropic companies take part in money grubbing or perhaps actions that borders on the criminal.


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Developing connections with curators and also FOL groups was recommended by skilled sellers, who also disputed the value of scanning or not scanning books to investigate their value when sourcing made use of books. Other words of knowledge included: keep an eye on mileage and also expenses when taking place searching journeys.

In the very early days of on the internet selling, sellers were typically generous in sharing pointers regarding subjects like sourcing and also selling on open online forums. Nowadays, vendors usually congregate on personal Facebook groups.

One point the knowledgeable booksellers on the Amazon discussion string seemed to settle on was that nowadays, some aspects of item sourcing had ended up being fierce as well as Darwinian.

My 2 cents I stopped purchasing books at 2 local ” close friends” of library shops 6 years earlier. With the commonly offered internet I found they had new “volunteers” having front runner at new contributions. Uncertainty these were also spent for or only had a token repayment. After that rather than offering books for 25 cents and also hardbacks for $1.00; real volunteers were looking Ebay/Amazon/Able Books placing high rates on most publications. Prices were based upon unsold publications without respect to problem, edition or crucial information. Obviously sales at these shops declined. During discussions with one collection board participant he “wondered” why month-to-month sales had actually dropped from $3,000 a month to $500. With Best Selling Books.On Amazon I have actually because seen the contribution bins being cleared with possibly a couple of publications maintained and also the equilibrium going straight to the dumpster.

This combined with individuals are not presently acquiring books as much together with reproduction of collectible publications my Ebay publication sales are marginal. I do find a couple of unique interest publications at garage sale and also thrift shops to cost great rates. Ebay’s 14% + FVF is excessive; hardly ever do I note any book that will sell for less than $25.

I stopped marketing books on Ebay regarding 4 years back. The only way I made money is if I acquired a more recent, popular mainstream book, reviewed it in a couple of days, then reversed and also immediately place it up for sale with a somewhat lower cost than retail. Books that have remained in circulation for some time simply don’t sell. I love to check out so I currently purchase publications from an independent on-line bookseller site. When I read them, I just contribute them to a Viet Nam Veterans team. They attempt to sell them, yet I don’t understand what they finish with them if they do not market. Throughout the height of the pandemic in 2021, I had about 150 hard cover books to give away. A library volunteer in fact came to my home to choose them up. I  make sure she had hopes of marketing them on, however that was the reason I contributed them. It simply wasn’t worth it selling them online, particularly when you need to include delivery to the cost of the book. After paying listing fees, PayPal, Treasure trove partnership fees and their selling costs, I was left with a few bucks. Unworthy my time. People who read genuine publications are taken into consideration dinosaurs due to Space and also Kindle. You may want to donate them to a area elderly facility as each typically has a mini-library in their centers.

I wish to briefly address a few of the comments made here and on the Forum.

I think I run the largest charitable book shop in southerly California. Considering most FOL’s are a couple of racks at their collection its not a high bar however I’m sticking to our slogan :-RRB-.

In no particular order:.

I was amazed regarding individuals grumbling about $1 to $2 a publication. If you use a solution like Scout intelligence and also you spending plan $1 to $2 and also you get a buy sound what is there to whine about?

Our volunteers get the very same possibility to purchase guides off our racks at the exact same price we will certainly market to a bookseller. Yes they exist more frequently then a bookseller, yet none of them are booksellers. Thinking about that FOL’s are 100% volunteer run do you begrudge them an possibility to grab a publication for their individual collection?

We invite booksellers, cherry-pick and also check to your hearts content.

As you might have picked up on, I utilize Scout intelligence. Not to sell publications however I utilize there escore to determine what publications to throw out in our presorting area. I have 3 huge garbage containers on our residential or commercial property as well as I attempt to maintain books that have a higher sell with on our racks. Say Hi if you remain in my neck of the woods.

I believe book marketing is going the means of the dinosaurs, and primarily due to increasing cost of mailing them. I simply delivered a Holy bible at a expense of $7.80 media mail. The only publication I acquire anymore are ones that I read for myself. Then they either take place my shelf or in the garbage.

I believe book selling is going the means of the dinosaurs, as well as mainly as a result of boosting expense of mailing them.


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The only book worth reselling is a ” cost-free” publication. Go to any kind of garage sale or yard sale and also there’s constantly a container with ” complimentary publications.”.

While I don’t offer publications (just various other paper items like postcards and so on), I do check out a lot of books, but hardly ever acquire any except to update my recommendation collection. Our location is full of “Little Free Libraries” – the roadside boxes where you “take a book – leave a publication”, and I have a regular trapline to go to, sparing me trips to large structures, as well as taking pleasure in jobs by authors with whom I’ve been strange. Constantly fresh product to see, no money format, as well as the books circulate well between overlapping traplines of LFL’s. So, yes, great deals of individuals still check out physical books, yet do not have the cash to buy them.

A extremely fundamental question requires to hear what actually took place to a family members friend of mine who made a decision to market books on Her publication marketed, yet the buyer grumbled to Amazon that he wanted his money back. Bingo! Amazon right away returned his money, but never ever required him to return the book to my friend – that after that was out BOTH the repayment AND the book.

I have no idea if this practice has actually transformed however she sure never ever detailed anything on Amazon ever again.

I got a HALF DOZEN of fresh John Grisham HARD COVERS at a yard sale last summer season for 50 cents each …!! Points like this don’t happen often, however with the $600 1099k circumstance I would certainly think of more people will certainly be holding more tag sales!

Railady, that’s standard procedure at Amazon. Most Amazon sellers are selling 100s or 1000s of devices a month as well as simply absorb it, chalking it up as part of “the expense of operating.”.

However from what read on this site, that happens regularly on, also. Huge systems are so worried concerning their credibility with purchasers as well as keeping them that sellers are under-prioritized.

Without a doubt I  make sure you’re appropriate, but the practice is damaging small sellers – we can’t afford to “sell” if we shed money doing it !! Best Selling Books.On Amazon  However then, AMZ has no respect tiny sellers, they just keep urging larger ones that do shake off losses such as this because it’s less expensive for them to write it off.

Completion outcome of this unfair policy is that way too many individuals are starting to assume that ” Maintain it and also get your refund also” is coming to be the norm and they’re qualified to get their refund as well as keep the item too.

There in fact utilized to be a site or more about “How To Get FREE Things Off Ebay.” Indicating documents a incorrect SNAD case, return a various item and also get your refund. This KEEP THE ITEM/GET A REFUND is the brand-new incarnation of that– it is actually THEFT, really condoned by the huge vendors so people expect it from everybody.


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